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    Mix together your favorite hobby with your vacations. West Macedonia uses her landform gifts to provide you, through modern facilities and organized trips, with the ability to accomplish the activity of your choice. Even if you are fan of x-treme sports or a peaceful trekking walk is the ideal for you, either you are an amateur or experienced, find easily what activity each count of West Macedonia has to offer and which season. 



    The biggest river in Greece Aliakmonas, the second tallest mountain Smolikas and one of the biggest lakes Vegoritida are included in West Macedonia. Also, is the hostess of two natural parks, the one of Valia Calda and the park of Prespes, and the famous Dragon Cave. Imagine how many natural sights there are for viewing. Take a walk over a canyon, visit an underground cave or take a boating ride to a lake so you can make your connection with nature. Learn more about the natural sights of West Macedonia and choose your trip.



    Visiting other places you can see and learn from a closer view about their culture and history. West Macedonia has a lot to display in this area too,even from the prehistoric era. Get to know each count from a visit to a museum or sight, attending a local custom event and tasting a traditional cooking recipe.Find useful informations about the cultural proceedures, the sights location and the dates of the custom events.



    The only sure thing is that you 're not gonna regret choosing West Macedonia as your destination place for your vacations whatever the type of tourist you are. West Macedonia provides you with a variety of accommodations regardless of you staying to a far tiny village or a big city. Easily, find hotels based your needs across the four countys.



    Find useful informations, telephone numbers and driving ordes through the interactive map. Also, take a taste of West Macedonia from our photo albums and the videos we present for you.


Local products

The local cuisine include exceptional  dishes made with mushrooms,meats,cheeses and organic products.The homemade products like jams and sweets, also and the local drinks such as raki, is famous throughout the region, 



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In Pindos paths has grown over thousand species of mushrooms and their collection is the favourite occupation of the residents.The people from Grevena there aren't specific only to the recognition of them, but they know and  thousand ways to enjoy them.

Mushroom products

  • Mushroom in oil
  • Pickled mushrooms
  • Dried mushrooms
  • Truffles
  • Mushroom powder
  • Sweet spoon of mushroom
  • Jam of mushroom
  • Liquor of mushroom
  • Traditional pasta with mushroomΠαραδοσιακά ζυμαρικά με μανιτάρι
  • Nougat with mushroom


Traditional pasta   

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The production of traditional pasta we aquire it from the copartnership of Women of  St.George and Karpero.

The women copartnership of St.George is the only cooperative in the entire Greece that manufactures in their laboratory with the most traditional way "petoura", frumenty (wheat and sour) and to a lesser amount, noodles.The manufacture of products is based on homemade recipes that passed down from generation to generation.They use only local pure raw materials (eggs, flour, milk) procured from local producers or producing by them.
The "petoura" (handmade noodles in the manufacture of which does not interfere the machine) that constitute the most difficult production (hundred and twenty to a hundred and fifty pounds a day) and trachanas, tart and sweet (two hundred pounds per day), are a representative products of the Regional Unity of Grevena.These are two types of petoura: that that women cut with knife (equal), and those that broke by hand (irregularly)

Cheese products

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The cheese making constitute  an important economic activity in the Regional Unity of Grevena.The main product is the feta cheese, however are prodused and other kinds of cheese in smaller quantities as satin stitch, yellow cheese, parmesan, cream cheese and Mpatzios that have characterized all as PDO.The satin stitch of Grevena is classified as a PDO by the European Union and is a creamy cheese made from pasteurized goat milk in the region of Grevena.It has a salty and sour taste and rich aroma.It constitute an exceptional table cheese that pleasantly accompanies meals and each wine.

The goat milk is absorbed mainly by the local cheese factories and then promote their products in the local markets of Western Macedonia, while significant amounts of local cheese products traded on markets outside the region and abroad.The Cow's milk is absorbed almost exclusively by the large milk industries, which are entrusted with the mainly handling of the internal market. 


Spoon sweets 


The spoon sweets and fruit jams made from pure, fresh ingredients, with no preservatives faithfullly following the traditional recipes of the place.

  • Cherry
  • Fig
  • Pumpkin
  • Plum
  • Grape
  • Walnut
  • Cherry tomato


Variety of local wines 

kr-ama-11The regional unity of Grevena has around 3000 str. vineyards.The main wine area in the villages of Kosmati and Trikomo in the municipality of Th. Ziakas while a large vineyard have already created in the Municipality of Ventziou by a great winemaking company of North Greece.The altitudes of vines ranging from 600 to 820 m, the climate is continental with heavy winters and summers with hot days and cool nights, which according to a theory benefits mainly the red varieties.The relatively late harvest begins in early September and depending on the variety can reach the mid October.

The only producer that bottles (at least officialy) wines is the manor Zervas in Sydendro village of the Grevena Municipality .Panagiotis Zervas continue the occupation of his father and in the originally 10 Str. in Sydendrio added 40 str 3 years ago between Grevena and his village.It's production is still small, so you will find his tree wines-all Regional Wines of Grevena- only at the selected points of the Regional Unity.

The  "Manor Zervas- The White is a chardonnay with very little muscadine and is recommended as a companion of mushrooms.

The "manor Zervas-Rubric" is the most classic, blended with Merlot and xinomauro and matures for 5-6 months in barrels.The "Polykatikiakos" Rubric "Grevenitis" from Xinomauro, Moschomavro and some more local rubric varieties mature for 12 months in barels.

Grevena PGI win Varieties: Roditis, Xinomauro, Moschomavro, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah.

Types of Grevena PGI wines: Rose, Rubric-Dry, semi-dry, semisweet.