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    Mix together your favorite hobby with your vacations. West Macedonia uses her landform gifts to provide you, through modern facilities and organized trips, with the ability to accomplish the activity of your choice. Even if you are fan of x-treme sports or a peaceful trekking walk is the ideal for you, either you are an amateur or experienced, find easily what activity each count of West Macedonia has to offer and which season. 



    The biggest river in Greece Aliakmonas, the second tallest mountain Smolikas and one of the biggest lakes Vegoritida are included in West Macedonia. Also, is the hostess of two natural parks, the one of Valia Calda and the park of Prespes, and the famous Dragon Cave. Imagine how many natural sights there are for viewing. Take a walk over a canyon, visit an underground cave or take a boating ride to a lake so you can make your connection with nature. Learn more about the natural sights of West Macedonia and choose your trip.



    Visiting other places you can see and learn from a closer view about their culture and history. West Macedonia has a lot to display in this area too,even from the prehistoric era. Get to know each count from a visit to a museum or sight, attending a local custom event and tasting a traditional cooking recipe.Find useful informations about the cultural proceedures, the sights location and the dates of the custom events.



    The only sure thing is that you 're not gonna regret choosing West Macedonia as your destination place for your vacations whatever the type of tourist you are. West Macedonia provides you with a variety of accommodations regardless of you staying to a far tiny village or a big city. Easily, find hotels based your needs across the four countys.



    Find useful informations, telephone numbers and driving ordes through the interactive map. Also, take a taste of West Macedonia from our photo albums and the videos we present for you.

Join for skiing!

Ski resorts - Shelters

Grevena- Ski  resort Vasilitsa

The national Ski center Vasilitsa is located in the northwestern part of the EE in the heart of Pindos and is 42 killometres from the city of Grevena .The mountain slopes are great slopes fo skiing  , while the naked peaks and lush forests surrounding them , creating an attractive landscape. The vegetation includes pines , beeches and tall bushes.In Vasilitsa operates seven lifts , of which one of them is three-seat aerial , a two seat aerial , three sliding and two lifts for the children. In addition  , the skil center includes sixteen ski-slopes total length of about 16 km. Also every Saturday Vasilitsa enables you to enjoy a unique activity : the night skiing in the sliding lift Elimia. In the nearby villages there are  traditional and modern guesthouses and taverns serving regional cuisine

Ski Resort Center Vasilitsa phone: 24620-84850

Skiing Mountaineering Club of Grevena phone: 24620-28602

Chalet Vasilitsa phone: 24620 -84100

Ski resort Shelters Vounasas

The shelter of the mountaineering club in Vounasa (1415m) next to Priono (1615) only 10km from Grevena , is a center of attraction for accomodation to mountain climbers - hikers and not , all seasons.From this spot you can see the beauty of Xirolimni , the top of Prionos in 1616m Kozani ,  the plain of Grebena  , lake of Polifytos and the lake dam of St. Hilarion manufactured by CI. The shelter has the capacity to accomodatte arround 70 climbers-hikers and is the basis for any mountaineering and climbing effort.Its construction  was one of the basic aims and efforts of the Naturalist -Alpine Ski Association Deskatis (N.A.S.AS.D)  , the ultimate purpose of which is the respect and protection of the natural environment and the preservation of flora and fauna of Vanousa .From the shelter passes the E4(international hiking trail)  , as well as significantly marked trails. There are two signalized mountain paths  ,  leading to the shelter . One starts from the Deskati (chapel St George) and the other from the monastery of Agia Evagelistra.

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The shelter is open to visitors in weekends and in festival periods every day .You can go for overnight or for a simple visiting so you can admire the unique beauty of the area and waik to the large marked paths that exist in the fir forest. Of course , those that are interested , may upon request to stay in the shelter and any other day you wish .



Information : 
Nature Alpine Skiing Association  Deskatis  (N.A.S.AS.D )
Address : Deskati Grevena P.C. 51200
Address :  Deskati Grevena
Phones : 24620-31597, 24620-32780

Kastoria- Ski Resort Vitsi 

Mount Vitsi  is within in a waiking distance from the city of Kastoria (just 22 km) , operates the organized ski resort of  the ski club of kastoria at an altitude of 1800 m. Vitsi is protected as a shelter and an ideal habitat for the endangered bear.  The ski resort of Vitsi offers 3 ski slops (1000m - 1400m -1850m) , slope snowboarding , beginners slope with baby-lift , especially for snowboarding routes , ski school with qualified teachers  , rentals ski-snowboard ,  sleds. The slopes are engraved in a dense forest with a common starting point , served by the same lift. The large sliding ramp  , has the capacity to serve 850 people per hour , two baby-lift for 450 people per hour each. Its also has chalets  , restaurant , snow bar and parking. 

Ski Resort Center : 24670.24.884
Ski Club Kastoria : 24670.82.666
Ski Resort Manager : 6944.709.190

Mountain Shelters - Kozani 

Shelter in place "Bara" Avdelas Pieria at an altitude of 1945m  , Near the proud and imposing top of Flamburo . The shelter has the capability to host 80 people for an overnight and can cover an equal number of people needs for food with kitchen equiped with cooking utensils.During the summer months is accessible by car.For climbers there are many beautiful and interesting routes , with alternating landscapes from wooded hillsides and bare with imposing mountain peaks.Which among them stands the massif of Olympus.

In Pieria , in place Lagomana at an altitude of 1450M . Operates a shelter of EOS Kozani with a capacity of 40 persons , equiped with stoves , kitchen , toilet , water. You can have access from  Velvento in village Palaiogratsano and then from a dirt road. The trail starts from the shelter Lagomana and climbs up to the col Flamburo -Tourla  , from were easily we can waik in a Alpine zone. 

In Pieria in place Yiurtia  at an altitude of 1450M , operates the Mountaineering assosiation of Velvento with capacity of 30 persons , equiped wtih fireplace , wood-burning stoves , kitchen , toilet water. You can have access from Velvento in village Katafygi.

Information :

Mountaineering Club Velvento , phone 24640 31 088

In Askio , in the place of Tsilimigas at an altitude of 1000m , operates a shelter with capacity of 60 persons  , equiped with wood-burning stoves , kitchen  , toilet , water .You can have  access  from Ptolemaida in Vlasti and then there is a dirt road .

Information : Skiing Mountaineering Club Ptolemaida phone 2463027504


In Vourino in the place Tsiamia and in an altitude of 1360m  , operates a shelter with capacity 100 person  , equiped with wood-burning stoves , klitchen  , fireplace , kitchen  , toilet and 2 water reservoirs.You can have access  from Kozani in Siatista an then there is a dirt road.

Reservation Information : Greek Mountaineering Club Konazis  phone 24630 -27 504 

Or visit the site of Mountaineering Club of Siatistas : Http://

For more route informations you can visit the official pages of mountaineering clubs

And  and Eordaia

Florina - Ski resort Vigla Pisoderi

Pisoderi is one of the best and largest ski resorts .Today is a modern ski resort with several ski lifts and slopes.In the ski resort there are 10 ski slopes with olympic specifications , which can cater for all categories of skier and snowboarders and 5 lifts (3 slidings and 2 aerial).There is also a parking of  500 cars .In front of the ski area is one of the most beautiful chalets there are in the greek mountains , the private challet "Tottis"  , which operates all year round and has view to the mountain and ski slopes.

The chalet grows in 3 levels to cover all the catering and leisure needs . Three bars and a restaurant are available to the visitor. in the strong points of the ski center is the fact that is on the national road of Florina -kastoria , which makes to have access easier since the winter the road is always open.The panoramic view in the region of Prespa from the peaks of the mountains is another one thrump for the ski resort. 

Contact phone : 23850 45800-1